Do you need a new boiler?

Don’t panic, we have it covered!

If the time has come to get a new boiler, It is important that you have the best possible information to make the most informed choices.

When choosing a new boiler, there are any factors to take into consideration, such as:

The type of boiler/ system

The output of the boiler and the requirements of your home

The efficiency of the boiler and connected system

The space available - for example, will it fit into a certain area or room? Can it be moved to a more convenient location?

The types of system/ user controls

Futureproofing Precautions

Which boiler is right for me?

The size and the type of boiler are both factors that will affect how efficiently the boiler you choose will heat your home and provide hot water.

There are three main types of boilers:

  • Combination (Combi)
  • System
  • Conventional
Combi Boiler

Why would you choose a Combi boiler?

  • They do not use a cold water tank or hot water cylinder. This means they take up less space and can be fitted in the most convenient locations. They are popular for smaller houses or flats and apartments for this reason
  • Having no cylinder means that hot water will never run out and you will only ever heat the hot water that is required
  • They are generally cheaper to install because they require less pipework, parts and controls than other central heating systems

System Boiler

 Why would you choose a system boiler?

    • This type of system uses a cylinder to heat and store hot water. This means that several outlets can be used at the same time. This is ideal for larger properties with more than one bathroom.
    • The cylinder used in this type of system generally incorporates an immersion heater, which can be used as a back up, in the event of any boiler related issues.
    • System boilers generally have the system pump pressure gauge and expansion vessel built into the boiler unit, and are therefore covered by any extended manufacturers warranty.

    Conventional Boiler

     Why would you choose a Conventional boiler?

    • This type of boiler is very similar in operations to system boilers.
    • This type of boiler can be used on older systems that may not cope with the higher working pressures of modern sealed system.
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    We can supply a range of new boilers

    We can supply and install any make or model of boiler

    • Vaillant boilers come with up to 10 year warranty
    • Worcester boilers come with up to 7 year warranty
    • Main boilers come with a 5 year warranty
    • Baxi boilers come with up to 10 year warranty

    We are proud to be registered Vaillant Advance Plus installers

    The ecoTEC exclusive is the best in the business. It has vaillants unique Green iQ mark which means it gives you the ultimate in energy efficiency, the lowest fuel consumption and lowest running costs.

    It’s smart, too. It’s the only boiler that can adapt itself so it’s always giving you the precise level of heat you need – which means less waste and lower fuel bills.

    And the ecoTEC exclusive range is our most climate-friendly boiler, with 85% of parts being recyclable at the end of its life.

    It’s compatible with the vSMART™ control so you can have the power to control your boiler from your smart phone or tablet.

    And like, all our models, it’s Quiet Mark approved, meaning it’s one of the quietest products in its category

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