Getting a new boiler
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If the time has come to get a new boiler then you must make the best informed decision on which boiler to choose.

When choosing a new boiler there are many factors to take into consideration like:

  • The type of boiler
  • The capacity of the boiler and what you need in your house
  • The efficiency of the boiler
  • The size required – for example will it fit a certain space, can it be moved to a more convenient location
The types of boilers explained

The size, the type and make of boiler are all considerations in how well and efficiently the boiler will heat your home and provide hot water.

There are three main types of boilers:

  • Combi
  • Conventional
  • System

Combi boilers, which stands for combination boilers, are the most popular of boilers. They are mainly chosen because they are economical in the way they just heat water that you use.

Combi Boiler

Why would you choose a Combi boiler?

  • They do not use a cold water tank or hot water cylinder, this means they take up less space and can be fitted in the most convenient spaces, which is popular for small houses of flats and apartments for this reason
  • Because there is no water tank the hot water is unlimited
  • They are cheaper to run because they heat the water that you use
  • They are generally cheaper to install because they have less pipework and parts than other central heating systems
Conventional Boiler and System Boiler are Similar

As with any of our boilers our heating engineer will go through the differences with you of all these boiler types and will explain the difference between conventional boiler and system boilers.

These are the more traditional type boiler which sends hot water to your radiators and uses a hot water cylinder.

Why would you choose a conventional boiler or system boiler?

  • These boilers can send water to many taps at the same time without affecting its flow rate so is particularly suited to larger homes that have more than one bathroom but this isn’t an exact guide
  • An immersion heater can be fitted so the hot water can be heated by electricity, people like this because they have a back up of water if the boiler breaks down at some point
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We supply a huge range of new boilers
We can supply and fit any make or model of boiler
  • Vaillant boilers come with up to 10 year warranty
  • Worcester boilers come with up to 7 year warranty
  • Main boilers come with a 5 year warranty
  • Baxi boilers come with up to 10 year warranty
We are registered Vaillant Advance Plus installers

The flagship Vaillant boiler, the ecoTEC Exclusive (Green IQ) comes with 10 year warranty and has a class leading performance.

It’s one of the most advanced boilers on the market.

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