Underfloor Heating Installation
The cost-effective, controllable way to heat a home

JLN Plumbing and Heating provide robust, reliable underfloor heating systems that cover any room in any house. So whether you are looking for underfloor heating for a new build, renovation or home extension, you can come to us for great advice. 

Underfloor heating systems can be quickly and easily fitted over an existing floor or built into a new one, in one room or throughout the whole house. Plus, they work with most floor coverings, from ceramic and stone tiles to wood, engineered wood and carpet.

The cost-effective, controllable way to heat a home unlike other types of systems, underfloor heating gently and evenly warms water in a network of pipes.

This uses less energy than electric systems and can run as low as 35°C compared with radiators that typically operate at 80°C. So as well as freeing up wall and floor space for decorating, it’s a great way to take control of heating costs while creating a warm and comfortable home.

Underfloor heating key benefits
  • Separate controls for every room add comfort and cut costs
  • No hotspots or cold draughts that commonly come with radiators
  • Reduces airborne dust, providing relief for allergy sufferers
  • Create more space as no need for radiators
  • Less energy consumption helps cut costs as well as carbon emissions
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • System guaranteed for 12 months
  • Pipes guaranteed for 50 years

(Information Supplied by Polypipe Underfloor Heating –  www.polypipe.com)

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