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A. Yes. Our minimum call out fee is 1 hour labour, charged at £75.00 plus VAT. Our engineer will provide a quotation for anything over and above this once he has assessed your repair.
A. We have an hourly rate of £70.83 +VAT, this will be charged in full for up to the first hour and in ½ hr increments from then on.
A. This does vary from house to house and we would be happy to call out and provide a free quotation, but a standard combi swap starts from as little as £995 +VAT.
A. All gas appliances should be serviced/safety checked at least every 12 months or sooner if advised by the manufacturer. This is especially important in gas boiler. .
A. A regular boiler produces heated water that is normally pumped around the heating system and or hot water cylinder. The path of water is determined by your user controls opening and closing motorised valves and the domestic water in the cylinder is heated indirectly by the system water passing through a coil of pipe within. A combi boiler does not use a separate cylinder to provide hot water, but heats it internally on demand, via a plate heat exchanger. There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems and we would be happy to call out and explain these in greater detail. .
A. Opentherm is a technology that allows third party controls to use a universal 2 wire communication system that supplies power and data down the same cable. This data transfer allows the thermostat or controller not only to turn the boiler on and off, but to ‘modulate’ the burner to an infinite number of settings to match the heat output to a specific temperature demand, thus improving efficiency.
A. Weather compensation is a type of control system for central heating boilers that takes outside air temperature and sets the output of the boiler to a pre-determined level using ‘heat curves’. This means that rather than run at full rate anytime you ask for heat, your boiler will ‘modulate’ and give out the required amount of heat according to the temperature outside, saving energy and helping to reduce fuel bills.
A. Most sealed system boilers are designed to work at around 1.5bar. But don’t worry if yours is a little higher than this as there should be a pressure relief valve fitted somewhere on the system that will release the pressure in the event of getting too high.
A. System filters are devices designed to capture debris and stop it passing into your boiler where it could block sensors or heat exchanges causing faults and reducing efficiency. They are usually magnetic, but can stop non-magnetic debris too by the use of cyclonic action. System filters are usually cleaned out as part of an annual boiler service.
A. We accept, cash, cheque, bank transfer and card payments (excluding AmEx). Our engineers are able to process card payments on-site and provide you with a full receipt for any payments made. In some cases, we can also offer a Finance Facility. JLN Plumbing & Heating Limited is registered in England and Wales No 06056390. We are credit broker and only offer credit products from Vendigo Finance. JLN Plumbing & Heating Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 914634. Credit is subject to age and status.
A. Call Emergency Gas / National Grid number 0800 111 999 immediately.

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