Our team

Meet the Team


Director - James

James holds GASSAFE, OFTEC & BPEC qualifications as well as having over 20 years experience in the Plumbing & Heating Industry. James is also a qualified husband, father of two, triathlete and three times IRONMAN.
Likes – Swimming/ Cycling/ Running & getting medals!
Dislikes – Bad Coffee
Tea – Milk and one sugar

Office Team


Finance Manager

Claire is married to James and has worked for JLN since 2013. Claire has over 20 years’ experience running an office and Customer Service & Finance department. Claire oversees all financial activity in the office at JLN HQ and looks after our HR.
Likes – Going to the theatre
Dislikes – Coffee
Tea – Milk and one sugar


Office Manager

Faye has NVQs in Customer Service and Business/ Sales Management. Faye works at JLN HQ and also from our satellite office in Nuneaton. Faye has been with us since 2015. Amongst other things, Faye runs our Social Media Campaigns, competitions and accreditations as well as ensuring all runs smoothly at HQ!
Likes – High heels
Dislikes – Peas
Tea – Black (No sugar)


Office Administration

Kerrie has been with us since January 2017 and is already a highly valued team member. Kerrie comes from a different employment background, but one where customer service and attention to detail was equally as important as it is here at JLN. Kerrie is a keen runner and enjoys spending time with her family.
Likes – Pink things & Lipgloss
Dislikes – Grumpy People
Tea – Milk and one sugar

Plumbers & Engineers



Adam has been a member of the JLN team since we started out in 2007. As an original member of staff, Adam is a key player in the team and Adam has a keen eye for detail and is a skilled bathroom installer. Our gallery contains photographs of many of the suites Adam has installed. Adam has an apprentice; Connor and is enjoying being a mentor.
Likes – Junk Food
Dislikes – Fruit
Tea – Milk and two sugars (Standard Plumbers Recipe)



Kieran has been with JLN since 2009 and is a qualified GasSafe and LPG engineer. Kieran also installs bathrooms and boilers at JLN and prides himself on excellent customer service.
Likes – Good weather, positivity and holidays
Dislikes – Alarm Clocks, Exercise, traffic & bad weather
Tea – Milk and two sugars (Standard Plumbers Recipe)


John (Uncle John)

John has been with JLN since 2015 and holds GasSafe and OFTEC qualifications. John is also one of our Installers and has experience installing almost all makes and model of boiler. John Is known to the rest of the staff as ’Uncle John’, and is a highly valued member of the team. John is a mentor to George who is one of our apprentices.
Likes – Fishing
Dislikes – Disorganised tools
Tea – Milk and two sugars (Standard Plumbers Recipe)

The team - Hough Hoff

Scott Hough (The Hoff)

The Hoff has been with JLN since August 2017. Scott came to JLN at one of our busiest times of the year, jumped straight in at the deep end and is an absolute star! Scott is a plumbing and heating engineer, he also specialises is bathroom installations and remodels. Take a look at our gallery to see just a small selection of Scotts work.
Likes – Travelling & Nights out
Dislikes – Traffic
Tea – Milk & No Sugars (Not sure Scott is familiar with the rules of ‘Plumbers & Two sugars!’)


Dave (T’Dave)

Dave has been valued member of our team since starting in 2016. Dave came to JLN at a very busy time, and got stuck straight in! Dave has experience with almost all makes and models of boilers and enjoys a challenge! Dave is a service and repair engineer, so if you’ve booked a service, instructions for Daves tea are below!
Likes – Wispa Gold Choclate Bars
Dislikes – Being nagged!
Tea – Milk and two sugars (Standard Plumbers Recipe)


Scott (Ginge)

Scott joined JLN in 2016 and is primarily an installation engineer, although he is skilled in many other areas such as Unvented Cylinders and working at heights. Scott has been an engineer for 11 years and thoroughly enjoys his role.
Likes – Holidays
Dislikes – Ungrateful people
Tea – Milk and two sugars (Standard Plumbers Recipe)


Alex Lacey
Apprentice Engineer

Alex is studying whilst working at Xtra Skills College, and hopes to be GasSafe qualified by Christmas 2017. Alex has been with JLN since 2012 and is an important member of the team.
Likes – Going to the Gym
Dislikes – Calories
Tea – Milk and two sugars (Standard Plumbers Recipe)

17424991_1516486091695409_6176139256464380006_n (1)

Aaron Messam (Big A)

Aaron has been with us since 2016 and is a hard working member of the team. Aaron spends time with various members of the team to broaden his skill set and learn different procedures from different engineers. Aaron is enjoying his training and doing well in his exams.
Likes – Boxing & Training
Dislikes – Aaron loves everything, and is always smiling!
Tea – Aaron has recently qualified for tea drinking and takes the standard plumbers recipe of milk & two sugars.

Jam Sandwich

George Doull (Jam Sandwich)

George is studying hard through Coventry City College to become a qualified Gas engineer. With John as his mentor, he is learning the ropes and developing new skills every day.
Likes – Jam Sandwiches
Dislikes – Having his photo taken…
Tea – George is, as yet, not qualified to drink plumbers tea.


Connor Allison (Princess)

Connor has been with JLN since August 2016 and studies for his qualifications at Coventry City College. Connor hopes to qualify as a plumber by 2018 and then progress onto becoming a full Gas Engineer. Connor spends most of his time with Adam and is enjoying learning whilst earning! Connor is a valued member of the team and we look forward to seeing him qualified.
Likes – Formula 1
Dislikes – Vegetables
Tea – Connor doesn’t drink tea, he isn’t qualified yet!!

The Team - Pablo

Lewis (Pablo)

Lewis has been with JLN since early 2017 and is one of the newer members of the team. Lewis is paired with Kieran and enjoys learning about all aspects of Plumbing & Heating whilst giving valuable assistance to the engineer. Lewis hopes to qualify for Gas at the end of his college course, and become a fully fledged JLN engineer.
Likes – Wearing aviators and trying to look cool
Dislikes – Eating his 5 a day!
Tea – Lewis is not yet qualified to drink tea!